Kelly Thompson's Complete Home-buying Guide for Cherry Creek

Located only 15 minutes outside downtown Denver, the neighborhood of Cherry Creek is an affluent one known for its amazing shopping scene, especially the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Cherry Creek has even been called "a second downtown Denver." This neighborhood is also a popular destination for cyclists who enjoy biking along Cherry Creek Trail, which is right by the Denver Country Club. There are also a variety of cities close by that are easy to visit during a fun weekend road trip, such as Boulder and Fort Collins. When you feel more adventurous, you can easily go on a weekend getaway to another state, such as New Mexico, Wyoming, or Utah.

Denver's extensive collection of neighborhoods means there is a place within its city limits for anyone to call home. If Cherry Creek sounds like the perfect place to live, continue reading through this home-buying guide as you learn what to expect when buying a home in Cherry Creek.

Working with an agent

Finding a Denver real estate agent or an agent familiar with Cherry Creek real estate alleviates the stress of finding houses that best fit your lifestyle. An agent will support you during the intense stages, such as compiling your paperwork, negotiations, and closing on your new home, and they are knowledgeable of the area. Agents have access to data that a regular home buyer wouldn't and insider knowledge of that particular neighborhood's market. They also have extensive networks, so they can gain insight from fellow realtors and connect with service providers such as home inspectors.

What is the best thing about working with an agent? It comes at no cost to you. In a typical arrangement, the seller of the house splits the commission between their agent and the buyer's agent.

Organizing your finances 

Throughout the home-buying process, with all the paperwork and finances to keep track of, it's essential to stay organized. Financially, you can do a few things to ensure you fully understand not only what you can afford but also your options in terms of financing. Firstly, look through your current savings and expenses to see what you can afford for monthly payments on a mortgage, as well as any upkeep the house may need. Next, review your credit, and perform any cleanup necessary. A thorough review entails pulling a credit report, removing past-due accounts from your credit history, and taking care of any outstanding collections. Taking the time to understand your finances makes it easier when applying for loan-related services, such as loan pre-qualification and loan pre-approval.

The home search

Searching for homes can be a roller coaster of emotions ranging from fun and excitement to disappointment and exhaustion. A good agent will listen and understand what you desire from your future home means they provide you with more listings you love. It also can help when making your final decision, as you will not feel like you are simply settling on a house. Your agent should know if you want to live near good schools for your kids or somewhere with fun nightlife. Additionally, do not be afraid of utilizing your agent's knowledge of the area and the market by asking questions. Whether it is something menial like traffic patterns or long-term considerations such as the value of the neighborhood, your agent has plenty of insider knowledge. A fantastic agent will support you throughout the process and work in your best interest.

Negotiations and contracts

Once you find your dream house, you and your agent will place an offer, which eventually turns into a contract. Before creating the agreement, your agent will work with you to negotiate the best price, terms, and closing date for the house. The negotiation process is done either through the seller's agent or directly with the seller. After the negotiations, you can have an attorney review the contract to ensure its legality and validity before signing it. For anyone who wants an attorney for this stage, check with your agent to see if they know someone they trust to help. Then, when the contract is signed, it is time to begin closing on your new home.

Closing on your new home

When the contract is signed, it is time for you to close on the home. The closing stage is when you and your agent will perform a final walkthrough of the house, along with a home inspection. A home inspection provides an opportunity to ensure everything is properly maintained as stated by the seller, including the electrical system, plumbing, rain gutters, attics, and crawl spaces. If anything is out of place, it can be brought to the seller's attention and dealt with before finalizing the contract. During this time, you can also start the loan application process (or continue the application process if you were pre-approved for a loan). Once everything is inspected and accounted for, you will close on the home, receive your keys, and are officially a homeowner.

Finding your agent

Anyone looking to move to Colorado has an extraordinary number of options for cities where they can live. Cherry Creek is a vibrant, family-friendly neighborhood in Denver with great shopping. It is perfect for anyone who loves weekend road trips to new cities or nearby states. When deciding on which neighborhood is best for your lifestyle, it is no surprise that Cherry Creek will end up at the top of your list.

As you start your journey to finding the right home for you, it is vital to find an agent who understands your needs and desires regarding a house. As a Colorado native with a passion for real estate, please contact me, Kelly Thompson, to help you find the best home for you from all the Cherry Creek homes for sale. My passion for real estate and innovative and creative marketing methods will help you find the best house for you. Anyone looking for luxury real estate in the Denver area should connect with me so that we can begin searching for your future home.

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