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Why Move to Colorado

Are you looking for a new life adventure? Well, one of the most thrilling locations to live in the US right now is Colorado. Moving to booming cities like Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver can be an intelligent life change. Whether you’re looking for a new job, a more active lifestyle, or crave gorgeous mountainous landscapes, your dream destination could be Colorado. So, just to help you feel sure about your big move, let’s talk about seven great reasons why you might want to become the newest resident of the Centennial State. Then, go look at Cherry Creek homes for sale to find your dream home.

Economic opportunity

While cities like Chicago and NYC have been stuffed full of dreamers for centuries, Colorado cities are newer to the hot metropolitan market. Because of this, it means there’s still quite a bit of untapped opportunity in these growing cities. After all, Colorado has become one of the new tech hubs of America after Silicon Valley’s oversaturation. Between the tech world and the other companies thriving in Denver and other cities, Park Hill real estate owners have quite a few great jobs available to them.
Another reason you might look for a fresh, financially smart start in Colorado is because of their taxes and real estate. For example, Colorado taxes are pretty local-friendly. In one tax year, locals pay 4.55% income tax and 2.9 state sales tax. Also, given the popularity of Colorado and its largest cities like Denver, Cherry Creek homes for sale are reasonably priced.

The active lifestyle

If you want to become the newest member of a well-exercised community, Colorado and its major cities may be for you. Some sites like Wallethub have ranked Denver as the 9th best city for an active lifestyle. That means that Denver has a readily available stock of affordable fitness clubs, ample bike and walking paths, and fitness classes per capita. So, if you want to kick your health into high gear, few states are better.
Speaking of health, Park Hill real estate owners are more likely to have better mental health than people in other cities. After all, Denver and other big Colorado cities are known for having better work-life balance than other busy metro areas.

The brews and eats

When you have a passion for craft beer, moving to Colorado simply makes sense. Breweries are a golden-star staple of this state, with unique and rich flavors throughout each city. Foodies are also in luck. There exists a wide variety of delicious eats to pair with Colorado's artisan alcohol. So, taking Denver as an example, let’s take a quick peek at what gastro-wonders you’ll experience if you buy Cherry Creek homes for sale.
Starting with breweries, some of the best ones in Denver include The Grateful Gnome and Briar Common. Whether you like whimsy or serious brewing, there’s a beer haven for you.

Meanwhile, as far as restaurants go, Denver has a stunning variety of options. From the kitchen to your Park Hill real estate, enjoy culinary gifts from Ginger Pig, Kike’s Red Tacos, Urban Burma, and other amazing Denver eateries. If you prefer things on the sweeter side, though, check out Denver’s best bakeries, like Izzio Artisan Bakery and the House of Bread.

Outdoor adventures

While there’s so much to love about Colorado, many people focus on its natural beauty. There’s nothing quite like this area’s gorgeous mountains and stunning valleys that make it an outdoorsy wonderland.
If you want to commune with nature, Colorado has so many options. For example, head to the Rocky Mountain National Park and other breathtaking locations near Denver. Only a little under two hours from the city, it’s a perfect weekend getaway for Park Hill real estate owners. Otherwise, there are over 40 national parks throughout the state to explore, paddle, photograph, and hike.
However, many people love Colorado for its peaks alone, especially for ski reasons. When a resort is more your outdoorsy style, there are still so many wonderful opportunities, from Colorado Springs to Telluride. After all, in a list of 17 of the best US ski resorts, 7 of them were all from Colorado. So, if you move here, take advantage of these beautiful slopes.


Bustling cities are very attractive to young professionals, but Colorado's top spots like Denver are highlights for families, too. Not only is Colorado one of the top 20 states for schooling, but Denver itself has 7 of the top 500 schools in the nation. When looking at Cherry Creek homes for sale, look to the nearby schools and find a great place to raise your kids.
Also, for people who consider pets family, Denver is a perfect place to raise a happy puppy. The city is very dog friendly, with 12 off-leash dog parks and dozens more other outdoor areas great for leashed canines. Whatever your family looks like, Colorado is very welcoming.

The activities

In Colorado, there are a million different ways to spend your time entertained and happy. Denver residents, in particular, can explore a plethora of museums, sporting events, shopping, live music, and more. This city is simply jam-packed. For example, Denver is the smallest city to have four pro sports teams: the Broncos (football), the Nuggets (basketball), the Rockies (baseball), and the Avalanche (hockey). So, if you live in Park Hill real estate, there’s more than enough to keep you happy and having fun.

Locational benefits

As much as Colorado is more than enough to fall in love with, another reason the state is so desirable is how accessible it is to other states. Colorado has easy access to seven other states, including Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Wyoming. That makes for a lot of easy road trips for you.
Also, even if you don’t want to go that far, Colorado itself is chock-full of a dozen amazing cities. No matter if you live there or are simply visiting, Boulder, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Castle Rock, and Denver are all fantastic cities. It just depends on where you want to go on the weekend.
Throughout Colorado, the weather is beautiful, and the climate is pleasant, cool, and dry. This, along with all the opportunities and amenities, should lead you to start looking at Cherry Creek homes for sale today. When you’re ready to get started, reach out to local agent Kelly Thompson for assistance.

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