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A trendy neighborhood replete with attractive, walkable streets.

Welcome to Berkeley/Tennyson

A trendy neighborhood replete with attractive, walkable streets.
Berkeley is one of Denver’s premier residential destinations, and with the lively commercial district of Tennyson Street cutting through it, it earns the title of best of both worlds. A neighborhood anchored by the street’s excellent array of shopping and dining, gorgeous homes, and friendly neighbors creates young, popular energy throughout the community.
One of Denver’s most cherished — and fastest-changing — neighborhoods, it’s the ideal location for dog-lovers, empty-nesters, new homeowners, young professionals, and families! There’s something to suit every type of need, considering how varied and accessible the neighborhoods are. Constantly reinventing itself and keeping up-to-date with the next big thing, the area is known for being hip and engaging.
The pleasant streets are full of charming architecture sure to appeal. Berkeley aims to accommodate a mix of Denver Squares, Tudors with modern split-levels, duplexes, and some apartments. The wide variety and countless amenities make it the perfect spot to live, no matter what you’re looking for.

Things to Love

  • Central location
  • More than 50 sandwich options throughout the area
  • Known for dog-friendly green spaces
  • Close to family-friendly fun like Lakeside Amusement Park
  • Walkable and energetic
  • Incredible shopping district of Tennyson Street

Local Lifestyle

Berkeley is characterized by its young, contemporary vibe and fun-filled atmosphere. Home to nearly 10,000 residents, the community is tight-knit and full of activity no matter the time of year. Plus, it’s one of the best parts of Northwest Denver and has a uniquely charming main street that’s hard to find anywhere else. Residential without being dull or isolated, the commercial opportunity at Tennyson Street and the lush green spaces pocketed throughout the neighborhood help contribute to an aura of community-oriented living and charming surroundings. People love living here for the wealth of delicious eateries, stylish shops, and great commutes.

Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment

Though residents value Berkeley for its ideal location, they love the local Tennyson Street shopping and dining just as much. The “main street” feel of the shopping district gives Berkeley a small-town, close-knit feeling that residents cherish.
Start your afternoon off on the right foot by heading to Hops and Pies, a Berkeley institution of craft-beer and delicious pizza. Also, a wonderful blend of all your favorite comfort foods, Mas Kaos specializes in both Mexican and Italian cuisines.
Casually upscale and inviting, Parisi is known for its split service. One floor is dedicated to friendly service and authentic thin-crust pizza, while a fine dining excursion of a more formal trattoria awaits downstairs. Lastly, the Denver Biscuit Company is the one and only stop to satisfy your craving a biscuit cinnamon roll cravings.

Things to Do

Parks and recreation, lively bars, and festivals define Berkeley’s atmosphere all year round. Whether you’re hankering to spend some time outside or to enjoy a beverage with your friends, all that and more is doable!
Home to not only great shopping and dining, but Tennyson Street also boasts a number of fun festivals, from food truck extravaganza to incredible gallery exhibitions. With high-quality, hand-crafted beer, FlyteCo Brewery is designed to plug into that community atmosphere Berkeley is so famous for, strangers or not, comradery over a pint is sure to find you here!
With panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains that are sure to take your breath away, the Willis Case Golf Course is a wonderful natural excursion. From the way nature encompasses the entire place, you’d hardly be able to tell it’s only seven minutes from downtown Denver and half that from Berkeley! For those of us who prefer our water traps in the natural world, Berkeley Lake Park is brimming with gorgeously lush opportunities. 

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