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Most Popular Architectural Styles in Denver and Their Key Features

Knowing the different architectural styles eases the conversation between you and your realtor when looking at homes for sale. It helps you pinpoint the features most important to you and thereby reduces the number of homes you need to visit before finding the one that fits your needs. 

Here are the primary features of the top architectural styles in the Denver, Colorado area so you can easily spot the best home style for you. 


The bungalow is possibly the most popular architectural style throughout Denver real estate due to its efficient floor plans. They are charming homes that boast an air of nonchalance — elegant without trying too hard. They often have built-in cabinets, shelves, or seats, which adds to their craftsman feel as the namesake of this style is the elite craftsmanship that goes into every nook and cranny. The use of wood trim provides a natural touch. Usually, they are one-story, but some have a small upper level, for an extra bedroom or bonus room. The bungalow is recognizable by its square shape and covered front porch with dominant pillars. 


The hallmark of Victorian architecture is the large wraparound porch, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors without being completely exposed to the elements. They typically have a lot of detail such as scalloped edging and ornate columns. They date back to the late 1800s so small windows are typical. Also common are segregated and rounded rooms in the interior. They forego boring, square designs and shapes in the interior as much as on the exterior. The focus of this architectural design is on beauty and may incorporate bold colors and textures in the design. So, they tend to be the most colorful options.


The Tudor style home is recognized by its use of half-timbering over the brick exterior. They have steep roofs that are well suited for the Colorado snow and rain. Their fireplace is perfect for relaxing indoors on wintery days. Their classic, almost Medieval, look and asymmetrical shape give them the feeling of a storybook cottage. They range in size from small homes to sweeping estates, but even the largest iterations of Tudor properties have a cozy feel to them making them a popular option. Modern versions might trim down the ornamentation but still feature wood ceiling beams providing a rustic and natural look to the home. 

American Foursquare

The American Foursquare often referred to as the Denver Square, is popular in the Denver area.  Designed as a response to the ornate Victorian homes, the focus is on efficiency. You can spot these homes by their perfectly square shape; the width matches the height of the home and the little window at the top of the pyramid-shaped roof. They are usually two-stories, or two and a half stories tall. The interior is symmetrically divided for the living areas. They are a popular choice for Denver Washington Park homes for sale because they are well suited for building on additions and remodeling to fit the needs of the homebuyers. 


The modern architectural style is defined by its use of large, open spaces, large windows, and near-flat roofs. The use of natural light and natural materials warms up large open spaces. It is so popular that many are knocking down walls in their current home and redesigning for a more modern interior layout. With fewer walls, there is more usable space. Fewer walls provide opportunities for families to interact and give more space for entertaining. Many assume modern architecture to be the newest architecture being built today, when in fact it was primarily built in the early 1900s – 1950s. 

Townhouse and Modern Row

The rise of townhomes and the newer modern row, or slot homes, is a response to the need for more housing, fast. Denver ranks fourth for the city with the most growth in the nation. Townhouses and the tall modern row condominiums, provide a way to build homes for more families in a smaller space. Because these are new construction homes, they feature modern architecture design in the interior along with modern kitchens, bathrooms, and appliances. 


Contemporary architecture refers to the popular designs being built in the present time. Currently, the focus is on innovation and eco-friendly design. These homes often have complex architectural features, with irregular and asymmetrical areas. They typically have super-sized windows, possibly even taking up a whole wall. The irregular shapes provide opportunities to incorporate outdoor spaces into the design. The interior features an open floor plan and free-form lines. They tend to be the most eco-friendly options of Denver Washington Park homes for sale and make the most use of natural materials in the interior and exterior features. 

Kelly Thompson is experienced and knowledgeable about the home styles available in the Denver, Colorado area, and she wants to help you find a place to call home. She’s ready to answer your questions and help you find the home or investment property to fit your needs.



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